"Diversionary's commitment to authenticity with Ballast extended to casting transgender actors ... in the roles of Grace and Xavier. Both are excellent. Levinson's affecting portrayal is laced with sadness and dry humor."

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"As the two transgender characters, Ms. Levinson and Mr. Baeza are both revelations. They not only portray their characters’ struggles but also how each character attempts to bring stability to their relationships when their partners become unstable as individuals."

"Levinson is able to find the balance of humor with the sadness as she finds there is some bitter that is accompanying the sweetness of becoming Grace. Her confusion and disappointment in dealing with Zoe feels very real and achingly poignant. Her portrayal of Grace's passion for her job and frustration at the complications and hypocrisy she has to deal with underscores the many layers of complications a decision like this requires."

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